Thursday, March 19, 2009

SRMUMP: A brief history

Rakan Muda program was officially launched on 29th October 1994 with the mission to enhance the youth potential as future leader. It was launched with the objective to create a generation with positive moral values and knowledgeable. In 1997, it was arranged again to focus on several sector in Malaysia such as Rakan Muda NGOs, Rakan Muda Sektor Swasta and Rakan Muda IPT. Secretariat Rakan Muda IPT was meant to be the agent of KBS at IPTs which is focusing on the students at IPTs. Secretariat Rakan Muda UMP was founded on 2006 by a group of students- Mohd Hafiz Bin Ghani, Mohd Naquib Bin Faisal Din Chan, Mohd Hanif Bin Azmi and Nurhakimah Bt Mohd Aman. In 2007, the first official line-up of main committees was oppointed lead by Mohd Naquib Bin Faisal Din Chan.

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