Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lifestyle in Rakan Muda

The Rakan Muda programme is based on the transformation of an implementation philosophy which had a focus on the individual, to one which has a focus on the community. This philosophy is in line with the Community Youth Development approach. The emphasis in the Community Youth Development approach is on the total involvement of youth and local communities.The core of this movement involves elements of planning, execution, and assessment performed by those who follow the Rakan Muda Lifestyle, based on their preferences and the needs of their communities. Within this core, the main emphasis of the programme is to increase the capabilities of those who live the Rakan Muda Lifestyle, i.e. to equip them with various types of knowledge, skills, expertise, and positive attitudes.

A healthy body builds a healthy mind. By taking up a lifestyle centered around health and fitness, the youth will be prepared both mentally and physically to face the challenges of tomorrow. This lifestyle program exposes them to the finer points of athletics, aerobic exercises, endurance tests, mass gym routines and the excitement of physical fitness. Participation in these programs will inculcate respect for the mind and body and the will to resist the social ills. These are the essential factors for them to enjoy a long and productive life.

To help the young people understand their role in the society, this lifestyle program exposes them to every aspect of social services. They will gain the leadership skills to make them assets to the community, particularly in times of crisis. Exposure in paramedical care such as first aid and cardio-pulmonary resuscitation ( CPR ) will hold them in good steed. As young leaders, they can also choose to learn counseling skills to mentor the young and develop the talents necessary to guide the handicapped. Whatever they learn, the neighborhood and community at large will benefit from it.


Culture, like a fingerprint, reflects the uniqueness of one’s national identity. As Malaysia is culturally rich, there are many opportunities for the youth to express themselves creatively. It gives those who are artistically inclined and those who are interested in the arts avenues through which they can display their natural talents. Participants can develop their creative writing skills, refine their talent in calligraphy, or take up new skills like batik painting or even explore new dimensions of visual arts through photography. No matter what they choose, participants will be given every avenue to explore and develop their interests.

Almost everyone has the desire to climb the ladder to success. Our enterprising youth will gain the professional advice needed to start a business. First-hand exposure will be given to expand business ventures. The values of business networking will be underscored. Training sessions will be organized under the direction of the private sector to motivate youths to upgrade their skills and refine their talents, giving them the encouragement to pursue their dreams with zeal. If the youths succeed, the nation succeeds as well.

Martial arts offers not just a healthy lifestyle pursuit but also teaches our youth self-discipline, whilst building their self-confidence. As a multi-ethnic country, participants can choose to learn the self-defense skills of the different communities. Participants can choose to take up Malay, Chinese, Indian, Korean or Japanese martial arts. Study of these martial arts also instills the values of mental alertness, concentration and patience. Training builds the determination to persevere against all odds. Furthermore, as exponents, they will be helping to preserve these arts for the future generations.

For the country to progress, it needs innovators and those who dare to go beyond the ordinary in innovations and inventions. This lifestyle program opens a whole new world of discovery, innovation, technological leaps, analytical skills thus it excite the mind’s of the youth. Infused with a pioneering spirit and fresh perspectives, they can get ready to take on new challenges ahead, to explore new frontiers and to push the boundaries of science and technology to the limits. This will give them the skills and confidence to steer the country’s drive towards industrialization.

Malaysia is a country blessed with a rich and diverse natural heritage. These programs aims at opening the eyes of participants to the conservation and appreciation of our natural environment. As there is no better teacher than experience, participants will get the opportunity to involve themselves in everything from camping out in the heart of the world’s oldest rainforest to learning about our precious flora and fauna that exists in the country’s ecosystems. Under the guardian of experts, the youth will rediscover the magic of historical sites, virgin forests, ancient caves right up to the study of the cosmos as well as understanding the importance of conservation and preservation of the national heritage.

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